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grievance: "hips don't lie" by shakira

I really need to get this off my chest in a bigger way than complaining to my coworkers when it comes on the mixes at work...

The new Shakira song... "Hips Don't Lie" or whatever... is by far the worst song that has ever been released, recorded, written, danced to or hummed in the history of all music. I actually like Shakira ("Estoy Aquí" is a great song) however... this song makes very evil feelings inside of me come out and makes me capable of possibly killing small children. Just writing this blog, I am angrier than I've been in months. Death to the songwriting team behind Shakira.

Addendum: My friend Mike combated my hatred for this song by claiming it was a "pop song" and that "Wyclef wrote it; it's awesome." To this I must respond that I am not talking about the beat, because it is an awesome beat, and was an awesome beat for a rap song in the mid-90s when it was one. However, it is inappropriate fodder for a Colombian pop star to sing over with a melody that is so completely incongruous with the beat that it might as well be in a different key. Thank you.