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grievance: shorts in the rain

What is people's problem with other people wearing shorts in rain? And flip-flips for that matter. If anyone can provide me with a counterargument to this of any value, I will stop wearing aforementioned articles of clothing in hostile weather.

Today was a horrendous rainstorm. While choosing proper accoutrements for my valiant journey to school, I opted for a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

On the street and on the bus, I was assaulted with inquisitive and perplexed looks.

It was 85 degrees today.

There is just NO way that I am the only person on the planet that is intensely bothered by the bottoms of my pants and/or shoes and socks getting soaked, and then sitting in an air conditioned room. There's JUST no way.

Did my sandals get soaked? Yes. Did my legs get soaked? Yes.
But my sandals are SANDALS and don't contain my feet in any way, thus I was not subject to the hostility of cold wetness. And my legs dried instantaneously.

My point: what the hell is wrong with all of you people? And stop looking at me because I'm smarter than you.


1 comment:

  1. a) you're not smarter than I;
    b) you're very hostile; and
    c) here's the thing: I have no problem with chicks (preferrably thin, hot chicks) wearing sandals or flip flops. My problem is I never, EVER, under ANY circumstances, EVER wanna see some dude's hairy toe knuckles, on a bus, in a store, on a line or ANYWHERE else! So, given that you are not a fattie, please feel free to show off your toes (preferrably properly pedicured).
    As for shorts, I say if it's 85 degrees and you don't work for me, you're welcome to wear shorts! More power to ya. Enjoy. (though see above rule about fatties)