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grievance: iphones

This is my one and only complaint regarding iPhones:

I really, really, really, really, really, really want one.




  1. I would like to add to the iPhone grievance that I want to whip someone because they aren't available for all carriers. By the time T-Mobile gets them, we will all be flying around in hovercrafts.

  2. If you really want to appear as if you're 'with it' and don't have AT&T, buy an unlocked iphone on for 600 and stop whining. Honestly, if you have ever tried to send text messages with gloves on, type anything when you're intoxicated, try to change the fuckin' battery because yours died, you may want to rethink the iphone and all the bullshit that comes with it. Get me a Blackberry any day - you'll be happy the day I run into you on a random street in Europe with my Bberry worldphone and you're bleeding profusely but can't call for help because your silly touchscreen doesn't work when it's covered in blood...or when it's in Europe for that matter. Case in point, iphones are for posers and people who buy new cell phones each season. Priorities, people...priorities.