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grievance: people not being able to handle daylight savings time

This is not going to be long, but it's been a full 24 hours since I became annoyed/upset by this and I'm still annoyed/upset by this. Yesterday I received an absolute INFLUX of friends messaging me about how they were "wah, so tired," and annoyed that they'd lost an hour of sleep due to setting the clocks an hour forward.

I bartended Saturday night and THAT is in fact when the clocks were turned forward. I lost an hour of work, so I know. And I also work during the days Monday-Friday, so I'm also concerned with my circadian rhythm. But I'm sorry... D.S.T. has been observed for as long as... well, I don't know, but I'm sure you can "wikipedia" it. And it IS what it freakin' IS.

The reason I'm so annoyed is because it's one hour of sleep. One night. And it's not even on Sunday night. It's technically on Saturday night/Sunday morning. So while you may be a little disconbobulated on Sunday day, there's no way that you're actually losing an hour of sleep on Sunday night. And the reason it's so abhorrent that people complain about this is because having it get dark at night at 5:00 pm is INCREDIBLY depressing. Leaving your office and not being able to see daylight is not good for the soul. It's one of the things that makes winter so damned depressing.

When this starts, it's also the sign the spring and summer are coming. And that is so WONDERFUL. Especially with the depressive states everyone has been in all year due to economic recession/depression/awfulness. Are people so far gone into depression land that they can't just deal with one hour's loss? So annoying. Be an adult, crybabies. Unless it's "your party." Then you can "cry if [you] want to." Ahhh... the 80s.


P.S. To all my friends who complained to me: if you read this, I don't care if you're offended. At all.


  1. do you know how much better my life would be if i'd only lost 1 hour of sleep a night for the rest of my life then the 3 or 4 i miss every night for any number of reasons?

  2. fuck that bullshit.. DST is a complete man made bullshit concept. OK.. i can deal.. until a few years ago when congress decides that it doesn't like when DST takes place and decides that they want to move it a few weeks..

    well... a big fuck you from all software developers who have assumed it was going to keep going based upon the way that it had been done for years.. First a bullshit concept.. now a double fuck you for changing it at your whim. Meanwhile.. the whole concept has not saved any electricity as it was intended to...