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grievance: corn on salads

I really just don't get it.  I don't think that corn belongs on salads.  At all.  And every time I go get a salad for lunch, there's some asshole in front of me who's getting like the strangest array of shit on his or her salad.  And it always involves corn.  And it makes me hideously angry.  It's an atrocity.

Goddamned atrocity.

A goddamned atrocity which makes me hideously angry.


1 comment:

  1. Moon and I on corn:

    Stars : dude i hate corn
    Stars : it has no nutritional value
    Moon : hahahahahahaha
    Moon : i love corn
    Moon : it just has its time andr place
    Moon : and salad is not it
    Stars : it definitely doesnt belong on a salad at all
    Stars : but i also hate corn as a general rule
    Stars : except corn on the cob
    Stars : which i am ok with
    Moon : fine
    Stars : but canned corn can kiss my ass
    Moon : fair
    Moon : no
    Moon : i like it
    Stars : well i didnt say it could kiss your ass
    Stars : just mine