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raging out at... my smart bank

For the last several years, every single time I deposit a check, I tack an extra zero onto the end hoping one day someone will fall for it. It has yet to happen and now I think they might be on to me. I plan on continuing this idiot tactic anyway.



  1. And now . . .when you DO get arrested . . . there's a blog that proves it was pre-meditated and intentional. Might wanna rethink this strategy.

  2. Or perhaps you should start thinking about how you're going to convince a jury that I'm innocent, Musical Lawyer.

  3. I've thought about it. Our biggest problem is the (now) overwhelming evidence showing your intent. So, . . . IF you get arrested, we have to find some computer geek to IMMEDIATELY remove the blog. And I don't mean just delete. I mean wipe from existence and the memory of the history of existence. Next (and this is quite sad), we have to eliminate anyone who may have read it.
    Fortunately, I get to live because I'll be representing you and my knowledge of the blog is "privileged".
    Unfortunately, Orion, the Moon and everyone else who may have --even possibly-- seen it, must have a very unfortunate accident.
    Now, I'm not advocating murder, but do you really want to spend time in San Quentin??
    Call if you get arrested. Until then. . . Happy New Year!