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grievance: annoying humans

I have been taciturn with respect to this issue, because honestly, how do you broach as large a complaint as essentially "Grievance: The Human Race"? Plus, it makes me sound incredibly prickly and cranky to be hating on everyone in the world.

But after having stood on line at Duane Reade a few days ago with 6 of the most obnoxious teenaged girls in the world, screaming about what candy they were buying to one another, and walking away from the experience wanting to punch a baby in the ear, I've decided that I generally don't like human beings.

This is a blog. I like to write. But there is nothing better to sum up my irritation with the general public than this video by Jed Davis' band, the Hanslick Rebellion. It happens to be hysterical and a great song, but it is also informational. It is called "You Are Boring the Shit Out Of Me" and truthfully, people, you most likely are boring the shit out of me. As Chris Rock asks in his "Bigger and Blacker" comedy special, [paraphrase] "why don't ya go out and have somethin' happen to ya? Why don't ya get kidnapped or some shit?"

"You Are Boring The Shit Out Of Me"

Jesus fucking Christ. Fuck off.

Truth be told, I probably bore the shit out of you too.


1 comment:

  1. Take a wild freakin' guess who . . .March 20, 2008 at 9:43 PM

    You know me! I can't stand to see a blog without comments. I didn't really have a whole lot to say about this posting, but it looked so lonely without any comments.

    So, I'll tell ya: that is some FUNNY shit.

    Now, I'm not sure if you needed to be posting this video and blog (and updating your MySpace song) on the night before a school exam, but the video and song are, nonetheless, very funny. SO, thank you for sharing, little Moon.