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raging out at... 5am

5AM can officially blow my ass. It is never a pleasant experience, no matter from which side I hit it. 5 AM either means I'm exhausted or a few short hours away from a fierce hangover.

Today's 5AM is particularly evil. What's so particularly vile about this early morning terror? Well, let's take into account the fact that I moved 2 days ago so my sleep has been infrequent at best. (Especially when you add the facts that I consistently interrupted my packing to get drunk, go to shows, and watch Season 2 of Dexter [a little disappointing] into the equation.)

But getting up at 5AM to drive 4 hours to Las Vegas to attend a high tea... I have no words. I don't even know what high tea means, but I have no doubts it's nearly as intoxicating as it sounds.

Also currently rageful that Moon saw Hillary last night and Stars did not.




    (I ALSO SAW GIULIANI. That kinda detracted from Hill.)

  2. The Hetero Lawyer who'd totally Do Bill ClintonMarch 4, 2008 at 12:05 AM

    As pointed out in my Comments to the last blog, I am not --by any means-- homosexual. Yet, I would fuck ANY SINGLE ONE of the Clintons! Moon, you rock!
    Hills, . . .you rock.

    Oh, and Stars, . . . voluntarily going out to get drunk, go to shows or watch Dexter totally negates your right to bitch about 5 a.m. I, personally am up most days at 5 a.m. (as the tail-end of an insomnia-filled night; readying for the two hours of sleep I'll actually get before having to face the world) and think you are being unduly harsh on this particular hour. 7:30 is a much worse time, 'cause like it or not, your ass has to be gettin' out of bed . . . SOON!!

  3. My ass never even has to be out of bed at 7:30. As not a musical lawyer, but a music business woman, girlfriend doesn't ever have to wake up before 9.

    And nothing negates my right to bitch and don't you forget it.