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grievance: american idol's boys looking like women

I will admit that there is no point to this stream of thought; nonetheless, I felt obligated to ask of someone, anyone, this politically-incorrect, socially-unprincipled, consciously-unbridled question:

Why do all of the boys on American Idol look like/"want" to look like women? Furthermore, they all essentially SING like women. Their ranges are super high and they are constantly using lofty, diva-like vibrato.

I have no problem with individual inclinations toward femininity amongst men, make no mistake please. I am just curious about the cause of, and totally baffled by, this bizarre social phenomenon.

Truth be told, I wasn't following this season. (I've been lackadaisical with my television-watching because I watch about 5 shows on television, of which most are not of the reality type and have thus been dormant. [Note: this is not a direct result of my having "good" taste in television. I like shitty, shitty TV. I just don't particularly love reality shows. I'm not a snob about it. I just hate stupid people.])

In any event, I happened upon last night's "boys' performance round" on American Idol, having missed most of the performances. At the end of the show, when they give a quick, 10-second playback of each performance, I was entirely caught off guard to see what I thought to be actual women. I take serious issue with this because American Idol's stylists, wardrobe people, etc. are making these dudes look like chicks:

Yes, that is the same guy. Has metrosexuality taken over the media in such a tempest that I, a native Manhattanite, am unable to identify gender? Pish posh.



  1. The Musical (and Metrosexual) LawyerFebruary 28, 2008 at 12:14 AM

    Ok, I'm going to gratuitously utilize YOUR blog to defend my OWN (MySpace) blogs, wherein I derive great pleasure from SLAMMING "Reality TV"
    You needn't apologize or defend your own dislike for Reality T.V., which is aimed at the brainless masses (the same masses that allow shows like "The West Wing" and "Studio 60" to be canceled!)

    You don't need to defend yourself and suggest that you like "shitty, shitty t.v.", just because you're not ensnared in the trap of "lowest common denominator" crap that passes for t.v. programming.

    Secondly, I'm going to defend Metrosexuality. The guys on American Idol are NOT Metrosexuals. They are homosexuals (not that there's anything wrong with that!) and/or poofy little girly-men!

    I wear expensive suits, use Kiehls bath/shaving products, have nice furniture and enjoy musical theater. I'm even known to go for an occasional manicure. I'm not bragging about my metrosexuality; merely pointing out that these long-haired, baby-faced, falsetto-singing fops on American Idol (which, obviously, I've never watched) are NOT Metrosexuals. Metro is not a bad way to be. Also, not to sound like an elitist snob (though I guess there's little way to avoid that, here), those "guys" don't have enough money to be real "metrosexuals" (Kiehls, theater tickets and nice clothing are NOT cheap!!) These boys are, I gather, mostly struggling artists. That they elect to feminize themselves to appeal to Simon Cowell (and the "voting public") is an exercise in prostitution, not a testament to metrosexual style.

    That being said, I read your blog and reviewed the photos you posted. This is one of the most effeminate groups of Sallys I've ever seen assembled in one place. They all look about 4 hormone injections away from the full transition to "TransAmerica"

    So, to summarize: reality t.v. = bad; metrosexuality = good; American Idol contestants = chicks.

  2. completely unrelated edit: "had" nice furniture... until someone doused it with candle wax.

  3. The Lawyer with Wax-Covered FurnitureMarch 4, 2008 at 12:00 AM

    Ok, seriously Lindsay, you have outdone yourself here. Funny as shit! Yes, . . .I DID have really nice furniture. NOW, I merely have nice furniture which has the scars of drunken birthday wax spilling. Point is well-taken.