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raging out at... "fix-it" tickets

Somehow it seems whenever I am minding my own business and trying to have a nice day, the police take that as a sign to bust me for absolutely no reason. It's rude. I don't interfere with them trying to enjoy a nice time and I would really appreciate the same respect.

The other day I was driving back from my old boss, and current business partner, Laura's house in Santa Monica. The weather was L.A.-perfect. We held our meetings as we walked along the beach in early March. I, being a born and bred Northeasterner, still can't get over mid-January ocean romps and walking to the store in shorts mid-winter. I love everything about it.

So yeah, the day was bright and beautiful. I was filled with good news and fresh hope on new plans. So why wouldn't the stupid Los Angeles 5-0 pull me over to burst my shiny little bubble? And so the fiasco begins...

Enter Officer Yu and his flashing lights. It took me about 3 blocks to even pull over because as I was doing NOTHING wrong, I assumed they were trying to get around me. I finally pull to the side of the road after their loudspeaker blares out, "Miss, in the silver Nissan, we are flashing at you. Stop driving like we are going to forget. Pull over!" I, of course, glanced around for other women in silver Nissans and when I found none, pulled my car to the side of the road.

Par for the Stars course, I don't have my license, registration or non-existent insurance in my car. So Officer Yu takes pity on me and doesn't impound my car but gives me 3 different "fix-it" tickets.

"Fix-it" tickets are total trash. He sat there in his stupid little squad ensuring that I did in fact have a valid driver's license and a valid registration. But now I have to go to court and show them the actual paperwork and the tickets will be considered null and void. Now, if the state isn't going to make any money on these tickets once I can prove I'm valid, why waste the taxpayers' money and my time by sending me to court? I'm so mad.


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  1. I am a musician & officer of the Court. They call me . . .MUSICAL LAWYERMarch 6, 2008 at 8:03 PM

    Stars, Stars, Stars. Your blog is offensive for SO many reasons. Just when I thought you and I had reached a peace accord (the Hillary & Cigarettes blogs outweighing the rage caused by the top 10 rageouts blog), you go and post something like THIS!

    First of all, New Yorkers don't want to hear about your January walks along the beach. We only want to hear about your mudslides and/or earthquakes.

    Second, if I'm not mistaken, you indicate -in your post- that you do not have motor-vehicle liability insurance, which (in NY, at least) is a ticketable offense. If the license and registration tickets can be "fixed" by simply bringing proof to Court, how do you anticipate "fixing" the no-insurance ticket if, in fact, you do not have insurance?

    Third, you acknowledge that Officer Yu took "pity" on you by not impounding your car (which, appears to have been within his authority to do), and yet bitch and moan that he refused to simply accept your Word that you have a valid license and registration. The man was doing his job. You were driving without a license and registration, which you presumably knew you were required to carry with you and he still gave you the "easy way out". Yet, you sit here and rage at poor Officer Yu. Can you imagine if the LAPD had simply accepted OJ Simpson's "word" that he had not butchered two people? Well, then, the efficient Los Angeles legal system never would have achieved Justice. Oh, . . wait. . . bad example. Oops!

    I think I'm going to make a donation to the Los Angeles Policeman's Benevolent Association!! I think Officer Yu is a Saint and a hero.

    Finally, can you appease my curiosity and let me know what, exactly, Officer Yu's reason for pulling you over was?? I'm guessing he didn't pull you over, without cause, simply to do a routine (and, what would be unwarranted) license and registration inspection. Were you given a summons for some moving violation? OR, . . .did Officer Yu, in his magnanomous generosity, let you off with a warning on the initial offense?

    Seriously, Stars, you live in a City where cops beat the living shit out of people they don't like. You were given three tickets, two of which you will apparently "beat." Not sure I really see the gripe here.

    P.S. - one of my closest friends is a criminal attorney in L.A., should you decide you need help fighting the tickets